Over nine days in late August and September 2013 a professional salvage crew fully deconstructed the single storey red-zoned home at 19 Admirals Way. Along with a team of volunteers, the entire material of the home aside from the concrete ring foundation was dismantled by hand and transported into storage.

Deconstruction: Film

Deconstruction: Photos

Deconstruction: Book


480 materials listings were documented and recorded in a catalogue that demonstrated the complete volume and type of materials from this one home.

The Design Stage of the project began on the 31st January 2014,  with an invite to people across the country to submit designs, using the Catalogue of Resources, which listed every piece  requiring reuse. We received submissions from participants as far away as Illinois and Ohio in the USA; London, and the Isle of Tiree in the UK.

Design: Catalogue of Resources

Design: Brief


As participants received the selected resources for their successful designs, the amazing process of reuse began. Throughout the Reuse stage, Whole House Reuse offered several workshops – DIY bookshelf construction, puppet making, puzzle making, and more – and finished off with a Makeathon to use up as many remaining resources as possible

The Result

This enormous effort has resulted in the participation of over 250 people from around New Zealand and the world. These people have invented ways of reusing these resources and the result is a huge collection of objects from delicately carved taonga puoro (flute) by master carver Brian Flintoff, to a finely crafted backyard studio by artist Nic Moon and architectural designer Lyn Russell. All of the works made for the project are being presented in an exhibition in the Special Exhibition Gallery of Canterbury Museum running from 5 June to 23 August 2015.

This exhibition showcases original works by some of the country’s finest designers and craftspeople and it also includes works by school children, retired experts, community organisations like Kilmarnock Enterprises, and students of various arts and crafts.

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