76Frances Woodhead
Frances Woodhead

Frances Woodhead Glassware and Jewellery Previously from Nelson and now working with recycled glass in the Isle of Tiree in Scotland, Frances wanted to contribute to the Whole House Reuse project back in her home country. Sections of glass from broken windows were carefully packaged and sent to her by post. Using processes of fusing and slumping in the kiln, the glass was used to create delicate as well as robust functional items. Some of the designs were inspired by the
leadlight windows of 19 Admirals Way. A small amount of coloured glass from Scottish bottles has been added as detail. Frances made sure she used every piece of glass sent to her – the last pieces were used to make star
decorations for a Christmas tree or window.

076d bowls Frances woodhead 076e dish Frances Woodhead 076e dishes Frances Woodhead 076f leadlight tapas


78Soren option 1
Rimu Nut Bowl with Rimu Scoop
Soren Berger

With 35 years of professional woodturning experience, a love for pre-used and rescued timbers and with his studio located only a few blocks from Admirals Way, Soren relished the opportunity to make a work for the project. These nut bowls with scoops allow the user to experience both the highly refined beauty of the turned timber and the story of the material’s former life.
078 S Berger Nut Bowls



85Geoff Korver
Serving Spoons
Geoff Korver

These serving spoons are hand-carved from a length of totara framing wood. There was little totara found in the
house so Geoff was pleased to use this because it is ideal for hand-carving. These spoons are ornamental, but are safe to use with food. They have been finished with raw linseed oil.
085 Serving spoons


104mike foster
Rimu Bowls
Mike Foster


Wood, unlike metal or plastic, is not a homogeneous substance. No two pieces of wood are identical even when cut side by side from the same tree. That is the beauty and challenge of woodturning and can be seen in the subtle differences between these two bowls, both turned from the same mantelpiece at 19 Admirals Way.





136Steven Park
Steven Park

This platter remains very similar to the roughly hewn plank from which it was made, but the surface has been transformed. The rimu timber has been sanded smooth and finished with walnut oil.

136 tray w floating ends


137Steven Park
Steven Park

These two coasters have been cut from the same rimu plank as Park’s tray. The edges of the square are angled to the base to give the illusion that the top is floating. The wood has
been sanded smooth and then finished with walnut oil.

137 coaster


138Steven Park chopsticks
Chopsticks and Rest
Steven Park

Each chopstick has been individually planed and hand-sanded from both rimu and totara. The accompanying rests have been cut and hand-sanded to match the chopsticks. The set has been finished with walnut oil.
138 Chopsticks and rest 138b Chopsticks and rest

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