2Guy Hooker option 1
Offcuts of Offcuts Side Table
Guy Hooker

This table puts to use all the test timber, steam-bending experiments, end cuts and leftovers from Guy’s chaise lounge. Guy always sees possibilities in discarded shapes and
broken pieces, so he couldn’t resist finding a solution for his own offcuts.



002 Side table offcuts


8Hamish Southcott Table
Admiral’s Treasure
Hamish Southcott

This table takes its inspiration from the idiom ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’ Small pieces of
unused timber have been transformed into a large, solid dining table showing that there is value and use in
all materials.

008 Table Admirals treasure


13tim mcgurk
Tim McGurk

Doors are often constructed out of beautiful timbers but this timber is not always appreciated. In pondering the beauty of this particular door, Tim asked himself what else a door could be used for. In this case, it’s a coffee table. The size of the finished work was dictated by the materials
available, and there were no offcuts produced.


032 Table Impractable


24Tim McGurk option 3
Lath Coffee Table
Tim McGurk

The ridgeline that adorns the top of this coffee table also cleverly functions as bracing for the structure of the object. The width of the table was determined by the length of the
lath itself, to maximise the use of materials and minimise offcuts.


024 Lath Coffee Table


59Tash Courtney
Rimu Side Table
Natasha Courtney

This table is made from the offcuts from Natasha’s two other projects. The remaining timber had numerous
defects and nail holes. Several of these have been left visible to show that this piece of furniture had a previous life. The piece is finished in Danish oil.

059 Side table Courtney


60david haig
Dining Table
David Haig

When David Haig started working with the wall framing studs from the home, he discovered that the lath and plaster had left a ghostly ladder-pattern. Rather than planing all the surfaces back to bare wood, David incorporated a few into the table to maintain a connection with the wood’s source.
060 Table David Haig


Large Coffee Table, Small Coffee Table
Kilmarnock Enterprises (Lyall Sinclair, Cory Perrin, Brent Grenfell, Terry Hewitt, Alfredo Fuenzalida, Bradley Holt)

Kilmarnock Enterprise’s woodwork department wanted to prove just how easily old wood and piping can be transformed into stylish, usable and elegant furniture that would look right at home in the modern apartments of the new central city. The team challenged themselves to transform rough and old into simple, modern and clean.


083 Large Coffee Table 083 Small Coffee Table


Coffee Table #235
Heaton Normal Intermediate School (Dave Gardiner, Ben Baillee-Gee, Susie Gee, Chris Gee)

Two families and three generations worked together to make this table. The pattern of nails is based on wallpaper at Admirals Way. The catalogue number of the metal catchment tray and a seismograph-inspired pattern were also incorporated. The work emphasises the positive things that can arise post-quake.

098 coffee table heaton


115Donna-Marie Patterson
Designer Counter
Donna Patterson


This work is about reconfiguring recognisable salvaged items into new and functional possibilities. This new arrangement celebrates the materials’ histories and memories and
acknowledges their past, present and future. But how long will the counter stay in this form? There is always the possibility of future salvage and metamorphosis.

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