7Hamish Southcott work 1
Richter Shelf
Hamish Southcott

This shelf directly references the Canterbury earthquakes through a three dimensional interpretation of the Richter scale. The work shows that such a devastating event can
result in a beautiful design. The shelf’s design references the past while its contemporary form looks to the future.


007 Shelf Richter


40Emma Byrne crates
Great Crates
Emma Byrne

These crates are an easy and practical storage solution. They are a response to leftover and mismatched materials, materials which were challenging to the creators. These pieces of timber form the colour palette of the Admirals Way home. As well as acknowledging the past, brought together as crates they take on new meaning and significance.
040 Great Crates


57Tash Courtney
Rimu Cabinet
Natasha Courtney

This cabinet was made from rimu, using dovetail joints which have been rounded to create a soft shape. The sliding doors run on individual grooves, allowing them to glide past each other. With a shellac and beeswax finish, the high standard of
this piece of furniture shows respect to the materials used in the home.


057 wall cabinet Courtney


58Tash Courtney
Rimu Shaker-style Shelf
Natasha Courtney

The Shaker ethos of simplicity, honesty and utility is reflected in the design of this shelf. Made from rimu, it uses a sliding dovetail joint. The shelf has been finished in shellac and


058 Shelf shaker style


86Rory Young
Barrel Cabinet
Rory Young

Rory Young designed this piece for his final exhibition as a student at the Centre for Fine Woodworking. Rory
found rimu difficult to work with, but he wanted to illustrate the true value of recycled wood and demonstrate that new objects made from it can have special meanings to us all.


086 Barrel cabinet


117Kate Rivers
Repaired Shelf
Kate Rivers

This shelf was once part of a painted and plastered plate rail in the central hallway of the house. Referencing Kate’s own experiences of being told to cover the wood panelled rimu floor of her own house with linoleum wood panels rather than repair it, she has added wood panelled lino strips to the
bottom of the shelf. Some of the paint was sanded back to expose beautiful wood grain and intaglio ink was pushed into grooves in the wood and polished as in traditional printmaking processes. A red cross symbolises first aid and repair.

117 Kate rivers shelf

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