1Guy Hooker option 2
Chaise Lounge
Guy Hooker

This relaxing recliner chair was developed to exploit the beauty within the timbers of the house. The laminated beams create organic curves from formerly straight rafters. The seat slats have been transformed from tired and weathered to highly-polished. Each rusted and bent nail was restored to shining, straight and functional.



001 Chaise Lounge


11Trudi Cameron
Chair and Footstool
Trudi Cameron

This chair and footstool were constructed by weaving pieces of weatherboard and electrical wiring onto a frame made from metal conduit. It is inspired by the designs of the past, but with the intention of providing an original take by using
unexpected materials.


011 Chairt footstool Camron

tim door chair25

Door Chair
Tim McGurk

Tim’s intention was to see how you could fold up a door to create another shape, much like origami. The resulting work is a unique take on a lecture chair. The only added materials are for structural support, doubling as a bookshelf under the arm of the chair.
025 Door Chair



18Annelies Zwaan
Love Seat
Annelies Zwaan

This seat explores the idea of form as a starting point for design: inspiration came from the specific shape of
some curved offcuts from another project. Though the individual offcuts weren’t strong enough to hold weight,
multiplying them has created a seat with subtle curves that gently pushes the two sitters toward each other.
018 Love Seat


38david trubridge
Reading Station
David Trubridge Design Studio (David Trubridge, Marion Courtille, Mathilde Polmard, Mat Stott)


This conceptual reading station allows you to browse your favourite magazines and books while enjoying a cup of tea, inviting you to have a relaxing break. The design embraces
the belief that the physical objects that we create can capture culture, ideas and emotions.


038 reading station


41Emma Byrne stools
End Stacks
Emma Byrne

The challenge of finding a uniform way to respond to leftover pieces of timber and to turn them into something solid and sturdy has resulted in the End Stacks. Remnant timbers were sandwiched together and presented end on. This way, they
became strong and functional, while remaining as basic and simple as possible.
041 End Stacks



65Mike Hindmarsh
Frame Chair
Mike Hindmarsh

A place to relax and unwind, this chair is a mix of highly finished body-contact areas and raw unfinished frame timber, in a tribute to the material’s original purpose. The
plumb and level elements of the design – seat and back – are a nod to the timber’s original use in the frame of the house.



065 Frame Chair


73Tony Clark
Bench Seat
Tony Clark

This bench seat was created from weatherboards and other materials from the house. The bench is designed to be used indoors and the old house is represented in the paint
layers and legs.


073 Bench seat Tony Clark


112Oscar Ericcson
Uncomfortable Couch
Oscar Ericsson

The frame of this couch is made from what used to be the inner walls of the house. It was then covered with was roof sarking. It’s one of the most uncomfortable couches around, great for the staff room or if you want your guests to leave early.
112 Couch
130Trudo Wylaars Tim McGurk
Lath Dining Chairs
Tim McGurk and Trudo Wylaars

These dining chairs exploit the geometry of lath, which was used extensively in older New Zealand houses. These narrow strips of wood hidden beneath plaster were nailed
horizontally across wall studs or ceiling joists. This chair was an attempt to use this material efficiently in bulk and resulted in this clean, angular design.


130b Lath Dining Chairs all 130a Lath Dining Chairs




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