Cocoon Nic Moon

The Cocoon is a 10m2 studio building crafted from recycled building materials.  The design is a result of collaboration between Artist Nic Moon and Architectural Designer Lyn Russell. The auction is for a set of drawings to build your own version of the Cocoon.  Cocoon prototype #2,is a variant on the original design.  The height has been reduced to meet the requirements of New Zealand Building Act covering Exempted Building Work. The design incorporates a loft space and wing doors to provide shelter while working outside. Construction typifies the New Zealand way of building using rimu framing, corrugate roofing and timber windows. The delightful interior panels are made from sarking and lathe. The Cocoon has been designed to be easily dismantled for relocation and can be reconstructed by a team of four people in four days. Twelve set of drawings are available for auction.

Cocoon elev jpg cocoon photo 2 Cocoon sect jpeg2.West end 3.Ladders of light

28brian mcgurk baot
Corrugated Iron Boat
Tim McGurk

The idea for this boat came about as Tim was exploring other ways of using corrugated iron. As a building
material, it is strong, lightweight, durable and functional. It also has a kind of simple beauty. In the initial stages of this project Tim discovered that making similar boats from
corrugated iron had historically been a childhood pastime.


028 Corrugated Iron Boat


51Kirsten Wilson
Kirsten Wilson

These three birdhouses are made from interior timber fittings plus odd bits from the house. Two can be hung from tree branches, while the third can be mounted. Two of the
birdhouses have removable bases for nesting material. They are oiled for weatherproofing but they will naturally deteriorate over several years.


051 birdhouses


64Ash Goodwin
Moonshiner Bathtub
Ashley Goodwin and Tom Baker

This outdoor bath prototype was designed to be portable and
functional. In comparison to traditional spa baths, this bath is
small and easily manoeuvrable, meaning it can used in the smaller spaces of the inner city apartment. The bath is also multi-functional: when not in use, it can act as a bench or seating.
046 Bath

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