Clark Bardsley10
House Music
Clark Bardsley

Clark wanted to experiment with materials and shapes to create fun, light-hearted objects. To make the drums, he carefully cut a chimney flue to exploit the differences in diameter, length and shape. This resulted in a
variety of tones. These drums keep the memory of the house alive and create something new: music.


010 Clark House Music


23Tim McGurk cajon
Tim McGurk

The cajón is a six-sided, box-shaped percussion instrument originating from Peru. It’s played by slapping the front or rear faces with hands, fingers or drumsticks. This cajón was constructed entirely from cedar plywood and features a tap motif in reference to the practical value of the reused material.


023 Cajon Drum


29Tim McGurk Trombone
Tim McGurk

Tim was inspired by a teacher who fashioned musical instruments from discarded sections of PVC pipe. This
experimental trombone incorporates a variety of unique materials, including rimu ply which forms the basic
instrument. It is accentuated with copper piping, copper wiring and PVC pipe.


029 Trombone


35Brian Flintoff
Brian Flintoff

The pōrutu is a flute from the family of Raukatauri (who is the goddess of music) and is similar to a kōauau (a small flute), only longer. The flute can be overblown, lifting its pitch and
giving it a second register. The three finger holes are represented as Māui Mua (Māui the Firstborn), Māui Roto
(Māui of the Inside) and Māui Taha (Māui of the Side).
035 Brian Flintoff Porutu


Brian Flintoff

Brian Flintoff

Porotiti are played by alternately pulling and relaxing the two cords. By blowing gently on its vanes, the instrument sings its own songs. New rhythms can be created by
varying your breath. Traditional uses included clearing sinuses and using vibrations to ease the pain of arthritis.
036 037 Brian Flintoff


37Brian Flintoff

Brian Flintoff

The pūrerehua is similar to instruments found in many cultures. Traditionally its urgent chant was used for spiritual purposes and it was famed as a rain caller. The player’s own life force was seen to be travelling along the cord, dispersing

their thoughts to the four winds.
036 037 Brian Flintoff


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