4Jeremy Leeming
Hourglass Necklace
Jeremy Leeming

This elegant necklace has been made from one of the few pieces of totara framing timber and copper from the
original 1920s electrical cable. It also includes one carefully-shaped bead made from a flooring tile that sat beneath the fireplace in the dining room. The totara has been turned
on a lathe and the copper wire was stripped from its electrical casing, melted and then poured into an ingot mould.


004 Jeremy Hourglass necklace


15Hannah Kidd option 1
Love Beads
Hannah Kidd

These works were created to make something unexpected and, at first glance, unrecognisable from the
materials selected. Turning the utilitarian metal conduit that once ran behind and below the walls and floor
of the house into something ‘high fashion’ fits with a common theme of Hannah’s sculptural work: using
humour and surprise as a vehicle for discussion of more serious issues.


015 b jewlery 015a H Kidd Jewelry      015c jewelry 015d jewelery Kidd      015e jewelerry Kidd


47Mieke Roy
Various Jewellery
Mieke Roy

This jewellery celebrates the beauty and nostalgia embedded
in the materials that made up this family home. These pieces
were designed and made through hands-on play and experimentation with the chosen materials: native timber weatherboards, wall lining, weatherboard stops (corner pieces), wallpapers and hardboard.
047 a Mieke Roy Jewelerry 047 b Mieke Roy Jewelry      047 c Mieke Roy jewelery
66Justine Fletcher (1)
Jewellery Series
Justine Fletcher
Justine was inspired by six Christchurch women who signed
the first page of the third suffrage petition along with Kate Sheppard. She has created jewellery series for each of these women: Annie Gilberthorpe, R Walls, Priscilla Marshall, Emma Lambert, E Gulley and Susann Clarkson. The works are made from a variety of materials, including sarking, rusted roofing
iron, embroidery thread and electrical wiring.




76Frances Woodhead
Frances Woodhead

Frances Woodhead Glassware and Jewellery Previously from Nelson and now working with recycled glass in the Isle of Tiree in Scotland, Frances wanted to contribute to the Whole House Reuse project back in her home country. Sections of glass from broken windows were carefully packaged and sent to her by post. Using processes of fusing and slumping in the kiln, the glass was used to create delicate as well as robust functional items. Some of the designs were inspired by the
leadlight windows of 19 Admirals Way. A small amount of coloured glass from Scottish bottles has been added as detail. Frances made sure she used every piece of glass sent to her – the last pieces were used to make star
decorations for a Christmas tree or window.


076a jewelrry Frances woodhead 076b jewelrry Frances woodhead      076c jewelrry Frances woodhead


109Willow Southcott
The Love of Hearts
Willow Denston-Southcott

This necklace is made from rimu which has been machine cut and hand sanded. This piece is reversible: one side is covered in wallpaper while the other side is natural wood finished with walnut oil. Working with wood provided 10-year-old Willow with the opportunity to develop her skills in design development and woodworking.



109 Jewlery Love of hearts


110Willow Southcott
The Climbing Lady
Willow Denston-Southcott

This necklace was crafted by Willow, aged 10, and features a diamond-shaped piece of rimu with a plastic ladybird and a Venetian blind cord. Willow enjoys using different materials to create her pieces, to show how old things, or things within our existing environment, can be reused to create beautiful new objects.
110 Jelwery Climbing lady


Tiki Kiwi Jewellery Series
Sonia McManus

These works are examples of beautiful, sustainable and functional jewellery constructed completely from materials from the house. Materials include electrical wiring and casing, copper pipes, old nails and fragments of wood. Sometimes
recycled materials can be perceived as dirty and old but these pieces challenge that idea and show that these materials are worthy of a second life.


120 a Tiki Kiwi jewellery 120 c Tiki Kiwi jewelrry      120 Tiki kiwi jewelery b


139Steven Park chopsticks
Steven Park

This pendant set is made by melting copper wiring. The melted copper has been hammered into shape and then cracked down the centre to make a pair. The link at the top of each pendant is also made from copper wiring.
139 copper halves pendant

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