5Hamish Southcott work 1
Role Reversal Lamps
Hamish Southcott

These lamps reverse the roles that we typically associate with housing piles and timber: here the rimu timber supports the pile that forms the lampshade. Hamish was attracted to the form of these piles and wanted them to be seen in a new light. Sustainability is crucial, so energy efficient, long-lasting LED lights have been used.


49Juliet Cooke
Durer meets Brancusi Lamp
Juliet Cooke

This lamp stand steals ideas from artists such as Albrecht Durer, Constantin Brancusi and Bill Culbert. It references Brancusi’s endless column, only this piece dematerialises
as it goes up, so that light can come through. The shape is based on an element from Durer’s engraving Melencolia 1. Culbert is a New Zealand artist known for his work with light. This piece is built up from offcuts, constructing a whole item
from many pieces, which reverses the process of earthquake damage. This design can be laser cut from any waste material.


049 Lamp Durer


70Jacqui McCracken
Lath Lamps
Jacqui McCracken

A few small pieces of rimu framing and a bundle of broken ends of lath were the inspiration for these lamps. The simple design was intended to enhance the beauty of the timber.
Jacqui was keen to show that even the smallest of items can have beauty and lead to creative and useful things. These lamps are made from materials that could easily have been thrown out.


070 Lamps lath


Paper Lampshade #202
Heaton Normal Intermediate School (Caroline Shi, Ella Kortegast, Piper Pengelly, Franki Tellick, Dawon Park, Brydie Washington, Sophie Bailey, Ben Baillee-Gee, Lucas Leighs, Finley Keating, Liam Keating, Lu Miln, Akiko Sasanuma, Iona Taylor, Adam Moore, Georgia Thompson, Fiona Taylor)

This paper lampshade from the house had suffered several tears over time. Using the woodcuts made by Heaton Normal Intermediate School, prints were made on new Chinese painting paper which was used to repair the lampshade. One of the prints incidentally included the lampshade in its design.

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