Annelies Zwaan bedhead20

Reversible Bed Head
Annelies Zwaan


Constructed from fragile sarking, split pieces of timber and framing timber, this reversible bed head confirms that scrap materials retain inherent value and beauty.



020 Reversible Bed Head (2)

020 Reversible Bed Head


Annelies Zwaan drawers
Drawers 1 and 2
Annelies Zwann

While these sets of drawers were perfectly functional, Annelies wanted to transform the ordinary into something beautiful. She chose to work with materials that would usually serve a very different purpose within a house. Each set has been clad in match lining from the interior walls of the house, while the handles have been cut from roof flashing and bent into shape over a paint tin.



021 Drawers set with 5 drawers only for sale



39Emma Byrne folding screen
Long Division
Emma Byrne

Lath and sarking are materials that were traditionally hidden away inside walls. Taking the form of a room divider and changing screen, this work gives the materials prominence
and shows the inherent beauty which had been hidden below the surface.
039 Long Division screens


94Heaton materials
Kindling Bucket #003
Heaton Normal Intermediate School (Fiona Taylor)

This kindling bucket is covered with a printed section of builders paper. The print block was made from rusty metal, a piece of original lino and embossed wallpaper from the bathroom glued onto a piece of board. An alternative future for the piece is as a lampshade, as the shape lends itself to that purpose. The number 003 refers to the Whole House Reuse catalogue record for the materials used in this work.


 094 Kindling bucket


107Justine De Spa
‘Stay Open’ Door Stops
Justine and Paul de Spa

This work is a trio of river stones transformed into door stops. Each bears its own inspirational message or philosophy inspired by the poetic and transformative metaphor of the ‘open door’. These are hand-painted and weather-proofed, making them suitable for inside or outside use.


107 Stay open door stops


108Justine De Spa
‘Wee Families’ Picture Frames A and B
Justine and Paul de Spa

The pair of picture frames were made using brass-coloured recessed light fittings. The swivel feature means that two photographs can be hung as a pair and turned to look at each other. The trio is made from plastic switch covers, made by PDL, a Christchurch firm. They create spaces for eight ‘wee’ photographs, which are set together into a rimu board of what was previously roofing timber. Used together the duo and trio of frames are a perfect way to showcase many generations, and perhaps even the family pet in one ‘wee’ space.




118Rosetta Brown
Botanical Reflections
Rosetta Brown

Rosetta sanded a mirror in a glossy polyurethane frame back to its natural state. She added fine line drawings of the plants that grew on the site where her mother and grandparents’ family home was recently demolished. It didn’t take long for vegetables, poppies, violets and common weeds to burst into life amongst the rubble.


118 Botanical refelctions mirror


129Emma and Tim cupboard
Weatherboard Cupboard
Emma Byrne and Tim McGurk


This standalone wardrobe has been constructed from weatherboard, the bathroom window and the hot water
cupboard doors. Constructed with plenty of room for clothes and shoes, the Weather Cupboard is ideal for a bedroom or hall space. The light through the textured glass at the top
provides an unexpected element of beauty when the cupboard is opened.
129 cupboard wetaherbd


135 Steven Park chopsticks
Incense Holder
Steven Park

This incense holder can be used lying flat or upright. The entire object is made from heart rimu and has been
constructed without using nails. After sanding, the wood has been polished with natural wax.
135 Incense Holder

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