Design: Selecting materials

The design stage is now closed. We would like to show this crucial part of the process by making it public on this website.

The catalogue of resources, which you receive upon entry to the design stage comprises the list of materials available for works to be designed and made from. The work should be designed/made entirely, or as much as possible from the materials in this list. If you need to introduce other materials for fixing or functionality, we encourage that you first consider a reclaimed option wherever possible, and new materials only when deemed necessary. The guideline we are suggesting for maximum amounts of introduced materials is as follows:

- Introduced reclaimed materials: maximum 15% of volume of work

- Introduced new materials: maximum 5% of volume of work.

We will consider higher proportions of introduced materials in accordance with your justification of the reasons for this.

You may select as many or as few of the materials as needed for your design. Each catalogue listing contains the quantity of that item. You are able to request any quantity within what is available for each listing, you do not have to request the entire listing.

Eg. You want to make a stool

In your design, you choose to use:

Reference #502 – Slats
Quantity – 15 (of 15)

Reference #444 – Timber
Quantity – 5 (of 11)
(You have included one more piece than required in case of splitting. You are required to return any unused and off-cut material with the finished work)

Reference #067 – Oven shelf
Quantity – 1 (of 1)

Introduced materials – wood glue, polyurethane sealant for any lead-based paint.

Participants are responsible for the cleaning (and specifically de-nailing) of their own materials. Participants are also responsible for the collection/transport of materials and finished works. For this reason, we suggest that participants outside of Canterbury consider whether this should inform the size of their work. Depending on the number of entries in different areas of New Zealand, we will attempt to arrange a low-cost group delivery of materials and collection of finished works.

We will be arranging Storage site visits (in Christchurch) where you will be able to view the materials that you are interested in. Dates of these visits will be advised by email. Alternatively, email to find out more about certain materials. All measurements given in the catalogue of materials should be assumed to be approximate.

There are some notable materials from which dedicated works for the previous homeowners will be made. We have asked the homeowners to identify an item that is significant to them. Anyone may choose to make one of these works, which will be given to the respective recipient after the exhibition period. The makers’ costs for these will be reimbursed despite not going through the auction process. The specified materials are as follows:

- The ladder for Luke Buxton, he will reuse himself, Catalogue reference #130

- Something made from any of these parts of the ‘baby’s’ room for Charlotte Buxton, Catalogue ref. #211 #134 #147 #027 #210 #108 #112  #551 #552 #553 #554

- Something made from/with the house key for Caspian Buxton, age 8, Catalogue ref. #222

- Something made from the leadlight door for Ruth and David Russell, Catalogue ref. #032

- Something made from any other aspect of the home for Joel Buxton, age 6, Catalogue ref. any #

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