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Isaac Theatre Royal 6.30pm 24 August 2015
Creating good work from waste: raising funds for Kilmarnock Enterprises and Rekindle.

Come and celebrate with us the completion of the Whole House Reuse project, an innovative, one of a kind project that salutes Canterbury’s unique history and a culture of reuse, not waste.
This auction presents the opportunity to buy some of the unique handcrafted objects designed and made from the home that was entirely reused instead of wasted, an extraordinary world first. Buying these objects not only promotes a culture of care and reuse and rewards the makers of the work, but raises funds for an exciting new collaboration between Kilmarnock Enterprises & Rekindle.

Rekindle is expanding their horizons and supporting people with an intellectual disability by developing a new socially ethical product range that supports the Kilmarnock team to learn new skills, find rewarding employment and contribute to their community. This collaboration will pave the way for an innovative new way forward for Canterbury that cares for the environment, the community, and the consumer. This involves Rekindle inviting/selecting designers to come in and address new waste streams via design solutions (I.e. Resources currently going to landfill, these are most likely to be commercial/industrial waste streams). This design process will also take into consideration the social and technical strengths of the Kilmarnock Enterprises as the makers of the products designed from waste, and thus will generate employment that enables people with intellectual disability to work in a meaningful way.
For more information about Kilmarnock, please visit their website.

The night will comprise a nail-biting live auction, as well as lots of objects being auctioned silently, so we promise a night of excitement. Around 150 works are being sold with price ranging from $20 upwards.  The tickets are good value at $25 for a special night in the theatre and include some beautiful and complimentary Yealands Estate wine and nibbles by Lizzie de Lambert. It will be a wonderful evening inside the stunning Isaac Theatre Royal, a great night to share with your friends, family, colleagues and clients. The capacity of the event is capped at 350 people.

For further information, here are a couple of recent pieces written about the exhibition and auction by Te Papa, and by the CEO of Creative New Zealand.

For tickets please follow this link.

To see a list of items up for auction, please follow this link.

Bradley and Lyall woodwork

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